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Post Gateway Place

120 N. Cedar Street, Suite 735

Charlotte, NC 28202



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/10/2007
Important note: Post Gateway has at least three different phases, and there might be a fourth building further down 5th Street towards I-77. I was in what I believe was the newest phase, which is connected with the parking for BoA employees. I suspect people's experiences with the apartments and the parking vary greatly depending on which phase they're in.<br><br>Summary: like the apartment, can't even begin to justify the rent for living in downtown Charlotte.<br><br>For example, parking in my building was _never_ a problem. I've heard several people say the parking was hard to find _in the evening_, so that has to be a different building: when the BoA people go home the deck in my phase was a ghost town. During the day the deck is full but there were ample spaces reserved for Post tenants.<br><br>The apartments were of high quality, probably owing greatly to the fact that they were very new. Noise was occasionally a problem, but I think that's because the people on the floor above us were holding raves every weekend. (This was eventually put to an end; either they were evicted, moved, or neutered as punishment.) The apartments are not huge, but bigger than others you'll find downtown. The balcony you get is amusingly small (if you get one), but overall I was pleased with the unit.<br><br>The complex in general was well maintained. There were two workout centers, but the one in the same phase as the leasing office was the nicest. It was quite passable for my purposes, but then I only used the treadmills. The pool is slightly larger than your average bathtub; I never used it.<br><br>The area is pretty great, and the location was practically unbeatable. If I actually cared to eat or go anywhere downtown it probably would have been better. (I don't do clubs, I can't afford expensive restaurants all the time.) The view looking out onto the cemetary was spectacular, despite the abandoned building there at the corner of 5th and 6th. When it snowed it just looked awesome. I'd sometimes go jog around the cemetary. Speed Street was in walking distance and I could watch the fireworks on holidays from the top of the parking deck. From Post Gateway I can get most places in Charlotte (UNCC, Southpark, East Blvd.) in 15 minutes tops. You're right next to the express way. This ease of access to the whole city was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to stay at Gateway.<br><br>Some people have commented on crime. I/we would, on occasion, walk around downtown at all hours of the night and I never really felt particularly unsafe (and I'm small enough to be picked up and thrown). There were incidents around Post Gateway, such as the ALE officer getting into an altercation with a person outside Cedar Street Tavern a couple years back (I seem to recall shots were fired). On balance, I'm in my fourth apartment complex in Charlotte now and I'm not sure I've ever been in a complex that didn't have some crime; Post Gateway's crime does not stand out to me. Most of the people you'll encounter at night are of the twentysomething partying variety.<br><br>The staff at Post Gateway was, as far as I can remember, universally very nice and accomodating. People here have commented otherwise; maybe I hit them on their good day. (Or maybe I'm more polite and friendly. SNAP.) Maintenance was pretty top notch. These things are shared in common with Post Park.<br><br>So, I liked living here: nice unit, awesome location, friendly staff. Why did I move? I've seen some people commenting their rent went up $75, $150... that's funny. My rent went up around $350/mo. They wanted something like $1600/mo for my apartment. I already said I don't like bars or clubs, downtown Charlotte has maybe one or two reasonably good priced restaurants, and two-thirds of downtown is closed outside of business lunch hours anyway. The location and the apartment are not that good. I don't think Post was gouging here, exactly: everything I've read has indicated that land prices are very high downtown, and there was simply an excess of supply in the downtown apartment market for several years. Demand has now caught up (seriously? You want to live there that bad?) so all of the complexes are jacking up rates, including Post Gateway.<br><br>One more thing: ask Post Gateway what the software is called that tells them what prices they should charge for their apartments. Now go to some other downtown apartment complexes and ask them the same question. You will likely find they're all using the same system to price their apartments. I've been told this system shares occupancy and rate information with all other users of the system. Is this a free market, when all "competitors" have accurate real-time data on all downtown rents and vacancy rates?
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Post Gateway Place

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