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Office Staff
NCrenter1753 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2005
Management at this facility is apathetic and basically non-existant. Most residents work in charlotte and are gone between 8am & 6pm during the week, but the management office is only open between 9am & 5pm -- which makes it nearly impossible to get in and see them if you have a problem. If you call the office during their office hours, they typically answer the phone about 50% of the time. If you leave a message, it won't be returned for 2-3 days.. if at all. Often I had to leave 2-3 messages before getting a call back. <br><br> Mailboxes are tiny, so if you receive a package it is held at the office. Your only option to retrieve your package is to take time off of work to pick it up during weekday office hours, or wait until the weekend. Receive a surprise package in the mail? Don't expect a phone call from the preserve staff telling you that they have it in the office. One of mine sat there for 2 weeks once until the sender finally called to see if I had received it. <br><br> NONE of the quality of life rules are enforced. Pets are supposed to be monitored at all times and NEVER left on the porch alone -- yet my neighbor left his barking dog on the porch every night when he went out. Numerous calls to the preserve office yielded no change, and he was still doing this when I moved out. No one picks up after their pet -- don't even think of stepping in the grass.<br><br> Safety regulations prohibit having a grill on an enclosed porch, yet if you walk down the parking lot you can see that 1 out of every 3 porches has one on it. This is a huge fire hazard. These grills are in clear sight and are blatant rules violations, yet the management does nothing to correct this problem.<br><br>The apartments themselves are outdated and show a lot of wear. The Preserve does a lot of 'temporary fixes' between tenants that wear out with slight use. Things will look great when you move in, but as you use them you will find that they wear extemely quickly or break very easily. When you move out, you will be charged for these items -- just as the previous tenant was, and the tenant before them etc. <br><br>I would not recommend this facility to anyone -- but if you are going to move into the preserve, TAKE PICTURES OF EVERYTHING when you move in. Document every knick in the wall, every mark in the carpet, every scratch in the countertop or else you will be charged for it when you move out. Do not fall for their casual act when you move in -- they will change their tune when you move out. <br><br>RENTER BEWARE!<br><br>
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