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Providence Court by ARIUM

8110 Providence Court Lane

Charlotte, NC 28270



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/09/2005
Folks,<br><br>I had really bad experience with leasing office of this apartment. They tell you one thing when you go to first time but when you're ready to sign the lease they'll go back from the things they had said. So if you care about your time, you can avoid this Apt. Care for details.. read on...<br><br><br>First time , leasing person told me that I can sign the x month of lease. So I decided to lease an apartment, when I went there to sign a lease [ after taking off from Work and driving 35 miles ] , she told me that lease of x months is not possible... I went back.. and next day she calls me back and says that now she can offer me lease of x months... <br><br>Since I liked the apartment and didn't want to spend time to look at the other apartments, I decided to give them 2nd chance. This time I talked to manager of the property and explained/described her what I discussed/agreed with her sub-ordinate. She said everything is in order and correct and I went ahead and filled out online application [paid $9.95] and delivered deposite check personally to them again taking off from work.<br><br>Few days later, she [manager] calls me back and says that they can't rent me apartment at the rate they agreed as that appartment have some upgraded appliences.. After few attempts to remind her of the eariler discussion/agreement, I gave up and decided not to rent any apartment from these people.. It was really a frustrating experience..<br><br>After few days , I got a call from her boss, and then she says that I can have the appartment at agreed rent but not on the agreed move-in date . The move-in date she gaves me was 15 days later...I stuck to my decision of not renting the appartment... <br><br>A day later.. I visited their web site's [http://units.realtydatatrust.com/unitavailability/default. availability page , the same apartment was available at the same rent that I agreed on and "Now" as move-in date... Why is that???<br><br>Apt. folks are definately going to say that their web site is not up-to-date... but when I reserved apt. from this site, I was not able to see that apartment and when i cancelled , the next day this apartment was available on the site <br><br>now, I would leave it to the readers what conclusion they want to draw from this...<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
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Providence Court by ARIUM

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