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Selwyn Flats



Resident · 2006 - 2009
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I lived in this complex for nearly 4 years. It was at first owned by Grubb Properties, a company who cared for the residents and kept the property looking nice. I enjoyed living there then. It was later sold to a developer who literally only cares about receiving a rent check monthly and will do nothing to help anyone. It was rumored that the purpose of a development company buying the property was that they were kicking the residents out, tearing down the existing property, and planned to build nice, new high rises that would allow them to make more money. As the economy got worse, they were forced to keep the current property open and continue renting apartments. They rent to drunks, TEENAGERS, convicts, or anyone who can pay a month's rent deposit. My property was damaged in the parking lot, my car was broken into and $200 of property was stolen, one of the drunken residents ASSAULTED MY DOG, and the "property manager" claimed it was no fault of theirs and refused to provided any kind of consession. My fiance actually broke his hand at the pool while trying to diffuse an altercation between two other residents and required $10,000 emergency reconstructive hand surgery (this was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, and we moved out immediately after this event). I was paying $620/month while I know for a fact that they were leasing to new renters at a rate of $500/month. The building itself is deplorable. The "staff" not only don't care about any of these concerns, but one of the "managers" actually had a sexual relationship with a resident (who was a constant cause of conflict), and was seen on multiple occasions using illegal drugs on the property. The property is dark and unsafe; a haven for criminal activity. People make drug deals using the 911 only phone located in the pool area. Police are called out to the location on an almost daily basis. Residents stay up all night partying loudly at the pool, which is located in the courtyard between all of the apartments, leaving a huge mess to be cleaned up EVERY morning. I would prefer to live in a cardboard box on the street than ever live at these apartments again. Please do yourself a favor and avoid this place like the plague. Also, the "laundry room" has 4 washers and dryers for about 50 residents; half of them are broken the majority of the time. There used to be a credit card machine in there to use to pay for washers and dryers, but they tore it out and now only accept quarters.
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Selwyn Flats

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