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The Flats at Arrowood



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jbkchick • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/21/2005
i have lived here for over a year and a half. there is very little i can say that is positive about living here. my story is somewhat long and i am a little pressed for time right now, but i am WILLING to email ANYONE the full story. [email protected] <br><br>before i give you a run down of negative issues, let me tell you something. my husband was offered a position with msft in charlotte. we came from a border city (mexico, texas) and thought we had seen it all. in the 20 years we lived in the border city, NOT ONCE HAS ANYONE STOLEN OR ATTEMPTED TO STEAL OUR CAR!) upon moving here, we decided we would keep to ourselves, raise our family, and save up money to move elsewhere (west coast). we are not the type of people who party nor are we confrontational. we are good people experiencing horrible issues.<br><br>- our car was broken into, the radio stolen (2004)<br><br>- someone attempted to steal our car (2005)<br><br>- roaches, spiders, and bees infest this complex<br><br>- management does not listen to nor want to correct issues. this is due to financial reasons. Bob - the manager - is FULL OF EXCUSES AND CORRUPT! HE WILL OVERTALK YOU! BEWARE! <br><br>- there is INADEQUATE lighting, which INVITES CRIME **someone was shot and killed 200 yards from my front door. i viewed the dead body from my balcony and let me tell you that it doesnt get any crazier than this.**<br><br>- the property is extremely old; especially the 2 bedroom townhomes (25 years); lots of paint layers, holes in walls, old carpeting<br><br>- HUGE number of latinos here; loud music, drinking in the complex parking lots, racing cars throughout complex, loud vehicles (i.e. mufflers, music, etc), the tennis court was converted into a soccer "field" - thus during summer months 40-50 latino men will be playing; loud noise, music, occasional fights, swearing in spanish, drinking, and i could not walk by this area while they were there or i would have to endure sexual harassment (laundry/mail). <br><br>- UNSAFE - DO NOT GO OUTSIDE AFTER DARK<br><br>- UNSAFE FOR WOMEN; regardless of being married or single. all of my underwear was stolen TWICE from the property laundry mat. granted, i shouldnt have left my stuff unattended (i live VERY CLOSE), this still DOESNT invite anyone to steal something from someone. someone wrote "love" on my back window of my vehicle.<br>=====================================<br>**stud have shown that stealing ones undergarmets is the beginning signs of a sexual predator!!**<br>=====================================<br>- maintence crew are often seen fraternizing (sexually) with tenants, most being married themselves. (i saw it at the pool - dont ask) :<br><br>- we moved from a studio to a 2 bedroom. the painters went into the studio and THREW AWAY OUR REMAINING POSSESSIONS. management did not apologize nor offer reimbursement. the apartments are within view of each other - 200 ft or so. its not like we moved out of state, they could have told us they were planning to throw it away. THE OFFICE IS AWARE WHO WE ARE - the TOKEN WHITE COUPLE.<br><br>i am sure that i have left NUMEROUS things out. i am not here to bash this place, but to WARN others of what this place entails. if you are latino, more than likely this place wont bother you. however, if you are anything other - look elsewhere; spend the extra hundred dollars for safety.<br><br>** today was the last straw. after finding my vehicle was almost stolen, i called Bob (manager) to discuss this. pointing out that we did not want to move, we had hopes of this complex getting better after obtaining new owners. we discussed setting up a crime watching service for the tenants, more police interaction, or perhaps even someone patroling the complex. i suggested that perhaps raising rent would deter the rift-raft and trash from living here. Bob stated "THE OWNERS ARE HERE TO MAKE MONEY, NOT LOSE BUSINESS" there was much more to this conversation than this, but bottom line is that Bob (among other who work here) are ONLY HERE FOR A PAYCHECK.<br><br>i was told by a maintenece member that upon selling the property to the new owner (Chris Simm) - Bob received a $10K BONUS, Anthony receiving a $7K BONUS! you would think that would be initiative to clean up this place. but that is what happens when you are only at a JOB for the money.<br><br>like i said before, email me - [email protected] - i will be MORE THAN HAPPY to help you to avoid this place.<br><br>PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!<br><br>============================================< just had to update this because this is for your benefit. please read, but use caution as this is COMPLETELY TRUE!<br><br>Today is 10/25/2005, at approximately 3:30pm I came home (Sun Valley) to find the front entrance completely blocked. My initial response was frustration - asking myself "now what!?" A woman directed me to use the back entrance because the area was closed off because someone was shot. Upon taking the "long" way home, I saw 2 people sitting in the back of a police car - suspects in the shooting. THE PEOPLE WHO SHOT AND KILLED SOMEONE LIVES IN SUN VALLEY APARTMENTS!<br><br>I follow her directions and head home. I can see at least TEN police cars, numerous policemen, crime scene investigators, a pick up truck that looks like it crashed into the fence, and a DEAD BODY! <br><br>Now, I know most people say they want the scenic view when they look out of their window, but who ever thinks there will be a DEAD BODY there????<br><br>It was 10/21/2005 when I spoke with Bob (Sun Valley manager) voicing my EXTREME concern. If you read my previous review, you will see that Bob states "there is nothing I can do." This is in reference to everything - car break ins, gang grafitti scribbled on the laundrymat walls and cinder blocks, to the sexual harrassment. My reply is to HIRE SOMEONE THAT CAN SECURE THIS PLACE! Of course another response he has is that they dont have the money. <br><br>-- HOW COMFORTING IS THAT?!! --<br><br>My thought to this is ...<br><br>There are 311 units here. Some paying $450, and some paying $800 a month. I do not understand where there isnt money to hire someone PART TIME (AT NIGHT) to watch over us. I know Bob doesnt live here - he lives in Concord. How convienent, right? What you dont see wont hurt you right?? <br><br>******************************************<br>perha it is time for Bob to step down, since he repeatedly has said, (and I mean verbatim), "there is nothing I can do." <br>******************************************<br><br>I understand that this specific incident (shooting death) is managements fault. But what I do hold at their responsibility is to oversee who lives here and who doesnt. I would like to see a complete criminal background check on someone and anyone who will be living here. I pay close to $700 dollars for a bug infested, criminal habitat. I dont buy the excuse that Bob handed me, "this area isnt the safest but you cant beat the rent!"<br><br>Well, let me tell you, that we are moving and out rent is only $50 MORE than what we pay now. This complex is gated and has a security guard that actually patrols the area. Not only that, but we arent fed BS from management about anything.<br><br>I BEG you NOT TO rent here. Do not give this company your hard earned money. THEY DO NOT DESERVE IT! You are putting yourself and anyone that lives or visits in DANGER. <br><br>WOMEN: PLEASE BE CAREFUL AS THIS PLACE ISNT SAFE. AGAIN, MY UNDERWEAR WAS STOLEN TWICE FROM THE LAUNDRYMAT. Sexually related crimes such as this, only leads to MORE INTENSIVE CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR; i.e. RAPE!<br><br>email me should you need more persuation to AVOID SUN VALLEY! <br><br>much love and peace to you.<br><br>[email protected]
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