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The Flats at Arrowood



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/29/2005
This place is not worth your money. I have lived here for 5 months and I HATE it. I was assured that this place was safe and when i set foot onto this property, I had a gut instinct that this is not safe. I have been sexually harassed by almost every male tenant that crosses my path. Two of my neighbors like to play music VERY loud at all hours of the night. The management doesn't do anything about it. There was a review that said that the owner, Bob, is in it for the money. That is 1,000% TRUE! He doesn't care about us! All he cares about are the dead presidents on the green paper! Also, neighbors play with fireworks all the time and maintenance doesn't give good notice when they come to fix things in the apts. People get shot here, and there is a gang problem. The night guards let everyone in and they don't speak english. 95% of the tenants here are latino and I don't recommend this place to anyone who isn't latino. This place is unsafe for kids and I recommend that you don't leave ANY personal belongings on the porch and if you use the washer/dryer room, don't leave that room, but I warn you that that room is infested with roaches. <br>I have a lot more stories to tell you about this place, but there isn't any room for it. Murders happen here, if you are a woman, you WILL get sexually harassed, even followed, your stuff will get stolen and there is an increase in gangs in this area. I have already given my notice to leave and I am moving in two weeks. Don't move here at ALL! Please, if you care about your life and the lives of your family and friends, you will want to pay the extra cash to stay somewhere else.<br>Update:<br>I forgot to mention that this place FAILS to do a proper background check. They don't do criminal, credit, or income checks. By law, they have to and this place doesn't.
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The Flats at Arrowood

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