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7815 Calibre Crossing, Charlotte, NC 28227
7815 Calibre Crossing, Charlotte, NC 28227

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The Madison

7815 Calibre Crossing

Charlotte, NC 28227



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/07/2007
This place blows. The water is always off (great if your an alien). Ive been here since July and every month the water main breaks and it takes so long to get turned back on. Once it was off for four days (luckily I was out of town). Parking used to be good but now it is hard to find a spot. There are live lizards and bugs running around in the apartments. Hopefully you will never need emergency maintanence because they never return your calls..NEVER!!! The people in the office suck and are not helpful. I thought that the people who worked here before the new owners were took over were terrible, but even worse. The current people in the office are not professional and not helpful. People are always getting things sent via UPS to my apartment and when I take the ticket to the office, they say "If your name is not on the ticket you can not claim the package"...but it was left on my door you jerk!!! Gated community...wrong. The gate never works and the gates that you can walk through are never secured. Every night sounds like July 4th 1776 because so many guns are fired. The person who lives under me is so loud and annoying. Her food smells like roasted dog and curry. The apartments are very nice since I have an upgraded apartment. They tried to get me to pay 690 bucks a month until I told them to try again. The walls have damage on them and they just put a egg shell white paint bomb in the apartment and let that baby rip. The first week I lived in the apartment I did not have any air conditioning, remember I came here in JULY!!! The maintence people said that I didnt leave the air running long enough and then they said I ran it so long that I froze up the system. Then they said that it was too much freon in the air conditioning unit. All of it was BS. It was a clog in the hose that sucked the air through the vent and it restricted the water from being pulled out of the unity. My garbage disposal was not hooked up and my sink in the bathroom did not work. Its like having a new paint-job on a lemon(it still sucks no matter how nice it looks). The 2x3 "storage room" is so dirty and disgusting, I wouldnt even put a dead animal in there. My sliding glass door screen just fell off. The deck is so warped and dirty you can even enjoy it. I got a note on my door saying that I owed them 4.00 and I must pay it immediatly or be killed by wild dogs. Just ask the residence's who are standing in the lobby while the office staff act really busy and none of them are doing anything.
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The Madison

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