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The Reserve at Providence

5931 Providence Road

Charlotte, NC 28226



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/30/2002
I have lived at Heatherwood for the last year. I have to admit they offer very reasonable prices on their apartments for the area, do not let this fool you. This was my first experience in apartment living and I´m really not impressed. When you live around other people that closely there will be noise, and clutter that´s expected, my expectations were definately met and exceeded. <br><br> <br><br>Things to expect while you live here. <br><br> <br><br>1. Don´t worry about having to set your alarm on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6:45am because, that´s right campers its trash truck day. There´s nothing better in the morning than hearing the roar of a cummings diesel engine while a rusted metal dumpster with a urine stained couch hanging out of the top of it is being lifted. Not to mention the whole two minutes of car alarms blaring that the truck sets off. <br><br> <br><br>2. You neighbors here are great. You know they really like you when there screaming at their wife(whose in the parking lot)from their balcony at 4am. Another sign that your neighbors admire you is when they let their kids play out in the parking lot unsupervised by your and other tenants cars with items such at ball bats, tennis rackets, bikes, skates, and other forms of hard sporting equipment. Also don´t be discouraged when you speak to one of your neighbors and they don´t respond back, its not that they are mean, they just don´t understand english. <br><br> <br>3.If your fond of the insect community you´ll also find Heatherwood attractive. They have a vast aray of flies, spiders, and of course cockroaches within thier apartments. Not to mention the stray animals that hide under vehicles and ramage through your trash. <br> <br>4. Your in luck there are laundry facilities on premisies but you better get a roll of quarters from the store because there isn´t any change machines in the laundry facility. Also the machines are really picky about the quarters they take it will take you a good five minutes just to get the washer to take a dollars worth of quarters. <br> <br>5. Be sure you have a four wheel drive vehicle this will help you greatly with the numerous pot holes. I have had two alignments on my vehicle since I´ve lived here. What I don´t understand is why they so many speed bumps in the neighborhood when the pot holes alone are enough to slow you down. <br> <br>6. Mechanics and Hot Rodders will love this place there is nothing better than to hear the roars of souped up mustang gt with a fresh coat of primer at 10:30 at night(which also sets off car alarms for 2 minutes). Then not to be out done the kids with the rice rocket cars with the noise maker mufflers come out and rev their vehicles up just so they can be heard too.(this also set the car alarms off)Again if you can rebuild a transmission for a 57 chevy blindfolded I highly recomend Heatherwood. <br> <br>You may think to yourself that you can live anywhere for a year. Well if that year is spent in the confines of Heatherwood Apartments It will prove your logic wrong. <br> <br>Good Luck in your hunting and don´t end up here! <br><br>(More to come)
The Reserve at Providence Manager01/24/2016


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The Reserve at Providence

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