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University Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/29/2012
University Village is the worst place you could possibly choose to live in the University City area. You can easily find somewhere else to live with better rates. I lived in the terror of a complex for 2 years. I wouldn't have lived there that long, but I did not want to hassel of moving 4 times in 4 years. But trust me, I considered it and wish I had. Be warned they pay their tennats to write positive reviews in the spring, so I'd be leary of positive things you read about this complex. They rip you off, their prices are way too high. Also, when I first moved into the apartment on move in day, the track lighting did not work. We submitted request after request to get this fixed, but wow somehow after 2 years they never got around to that. There were plenty of other maintenece requests that took them forever to get around andd take care of. I had a toilet that leaked that they sent some random kid from the office to take care of on essentially a biweekly basis. Even though this problem occurred for 3 months or so, never did they consider calling a plumber. Our front door was not very secure and as an apartment of 4 females we were worried about this. We pointed this out on day one of living here and that never got fixed either. The complex backs up to U Club, which is known for it's sketchiness. Crimes can occur anywhere and there were plenty of robberies here. The complex will not notify you of anything going on in the complex or warn you when something happens. I was very excited about the pool and planned to use it a lot. That didn't happen. So many outsiders come and party and hang out at the pool. I'm all about a party here and there or having some drinks with friends, but this is party central. I had been at the pool when people broke glass bottles in the swimming pool, not the pool area, but in the actual swimming pool. The pool became too much of a hastle, too crowded, too many fights breaking out, etc. One of my roommates woke up to find vomit on her car one morning. Trash and beer bottles are all over the complex. It is constantly noisy and there are parties 24/7. I'm the type of person who enjoys going out and having a good time, but I respect my space and the space of others. This place is a dump. They couldn't pay me to live here again.
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University Village

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