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Victoria Park Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
4715 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
<br> <br>Since March 7th, when we first entered came to Stoney Pointe Apts/, only today have I received a copy of the rent contract that we signed, this because I went looking for it at the office. It seems that there is no interest in showing the residents' rights, in maintenance, cleaning and the repairing what is damaged. <br> <br>I admire your rigidness while collecting the rent. I would like this same rigidness to be executed while of taking care of the cleaning in the entrance of the buildings, and of repairing what is damaged. <br> <br>I have already paid what was demanded, so I also want that to collect my rights with the same rigidness as my right as resident. <br> <br>I need a repairman sent to repair a leak that has in the hallway in front of our apartment, because every time that it rains have to put a bucket to stop the leak of the water. <br> <br>I need the stove tops repaired, because ever since we moved in I asked for it to be repaired, and it was never done. <br> <br>The stairway that opens to the roof has a piece broken, and it is lowered causing an impediment and danger for anyone who passes through the corridor. <br> <br>The carpet in the hallway is filthy with stains and bad odors, I exercise the leadership in a church, and influences in the community, and it causes shame to receive visits in the place we live due to its condition. It is the managements responsibility to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the buildings that it rent out. Please, do this. <br> <br>Besides living with the bad smells of dirtiness, with leaks, and broken objects, almost daily we are awake with the noise of the police sirens, and neighbors' fights. We are also continuously searched in the entrance of the condominium. <br> <br>For this and other reasons, I hope you do something to change this situation with the same rigidness that you use to threaten us with lawyers and eviction while rent is due. <br> <br>I know about some people are just waiting for the contract to end so they may leave. But this is a beautiful condominium, which only misses being well administered to leave its residents satisfied, and attract others. <br> <br>On the contrary within little time, this will become a condominium without residents, or it will attract more people that will cause trouble with the police. <br> <br>In conclusion, I hope you send someone to repair my stove, to repair the leaks, and to clean the corridors and stairways, I dont want to spend my down time, carrying bucket of water. After all we are paying for those services. <br> <br>If the cleaning companies or people that do this are being inefficient, hire someone else. Open your eyes, your losing residents because of this. <br> <br>Do not be efficient only while collecting, but also while executing the services needed. <br> <br>This way the difference will benefit both parts. <br> <br>I will send a copy of this, to the condominiums company headquarters. To renew the contract in March we need to have reason for to do it. After all the competition is very big, and we are entitled choice. <br> <br> <br> Sincerely <br> <br><br> Sincerely <br> <br> 4715 <br> Stoney Pointe Resident <br> <br>
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Victoria Park Apartment Homes

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