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Vista at 707 Apartments

707 Seigle Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28204



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
I moved in Dec 2016. They were running some awesome specials at the time for free Dec & Jan rent. The office manager, was very welcoming with a bubbly personality. Although, she can be very scatter brained and doesn't offer many solutions, even admitting that she has no clue. I understand they you may not also have the answer but, its very unprofessional to respond like that. The community is luxury and it is a perfect place to live for its location, look and affordability if nothing else. My biggest complaint is how long it takes to get anything maintenance related done. The first day I moved in my heat didn't work. I put in the request right after moving in furniture. The manager told me someone would be arriving to fix it shortly. The entire weekend went by with no heat. I noticed there were some missing bulbs for my kitchen that I still have not got (It's Feb 1st), and I have put a request for my sink to be fixed a week and a half ago (still not fixed). The contractors that worked on the building just threw this building up too quickly. The kitchen cabinets are crooked, the kitchen outlets would not work the first week I moved in, my showers hot and cold is backward so at first I thought I didn't have hot water, and my bathroom sink is literally crooked on the countertop. They also didn't do a great job considering other ways to enter the building. You are given a key card enter the building. Your apartment door and mail box key are normal lock keys. BUT if you loose your key card, you might as well get ready to sleep in your car because there is no other way to get in... well other than catching a neighbor walking into the building. Oh and delivery? What delivery? If you order a pizza, I hope your driver knows to call you because they can't get into the building or parking deck. You will have to figure out what side of the building they are on and go outside to get it. I wish we had a way to buzz people in or have a code we could put in. Speaking of delivery. When i first moved in I ordered a couple pieces of furniture. One of the packages (large package - a futon) was attempted for delivery for 2 weeks before I received it. Now this isn't the leasing offices fault, as fedex wouldn't arrive during their business hours. The point is, with them having limited access to the building, you can expect longer delivery or for them to leave your package outside the building. They left that futon box outside! yeah.. happened to me. Other than that, great place to live! lol We will see what the next 8 months brings.
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Vista at 707 Apartments

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