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Vista at 707 Apartments

707 Seigle Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28204



Resident · 2015 - 2020
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Terrible. I've lived here since 2015. My car has been broken into 4 times, busted windows once even. Once at the end of last year when they claimed they already had access to the "camera" system, my car was broken into RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA and they claimed that they couldnt see anything...Right. My upstairs neighbors are the worst! It sounds like a bowling alley above my head all day long. I've complained to the office and all they tell me to do is call the police. They won't even tell the ppl that they're getting noise complaints. The manager threatened me one time that if they found out anyone that wasnt on the lease was living there that i could be evicted all because i told her that i was calling corporate after it took them almost 2 months to replace some vertical blinds. The blinds they brought to my home were supposedly "new" but had hair and trash stuck to them and werent even all the same color. My upstairs neighbors have also have a leak over each of my bathrooms that all the maintenance has done is painted over..not treated for mold or anything! Every year in the summer there are ppl who throw parties at the pool and charge $5 at the gate and you look down off your balcony and cant even see the concrete. The parties sometimes last until 3am or later on weeknights. When we first moved they told us that there were going to be bike rentals, never seen a bike yet. There's a yoga room that looks more like a storage room with no ventilation and no yoga instructor in the last 5 years. The clubhouse used to be free to rent now its not and the reason is bc they were too cheap to get cameras from the beginning and the tvs in the clubhouse got stolen TWICE which was obviously an inside job. Anyway unless you just cannot find anywhere to move... do not move here. The inside of the apartment is nice and all but its not worth being afraid to go into the parking deck after dark and the sound of "construction" above your head at all times of the day and night. The kids from the neighborhood prank knock on your doors, jump the fence to use the pool, etc. and no one does anything about it but tell you to call the police again... this time on 8yr olds. In my opinion the problem is the staffs laziness and lack of care. There's still ppl letting their dogs poop in the grass right in front of the office and even in the deck. Gross! Ok I'm off my soapbox but for real. Do not get stuck here. I have not moved bc I hate moving and I just had a baby and i have my house all settled but I have started to look bc I do not see any improvement.
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Vista at 707 Apartments

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