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Vista at 707 Apartments

707 Seigle Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28204



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
Welcome to vista 707, Where the rent includes yoga studio and "free" yoga classes, which an imaginary teacher will direct them, I guess that's what yoga is about, imagination. Where you pay for safe parking however the parking is open to everyone with gate usually broken and YOU WILL GET YOUR CAR BROKEN INTO AS WELL. Where they have an strict policy about pets however you find dog poop on the hallways. Where you will pay for a private "salt water pool" however water will usually be Cloudly and with strong bleach smell the restroom will usually be dirty with some strange white powder and your lovely neighbors from the next building will get into it WITH OUT AUTHORIZATION, thinking is a public restroom or I shall say washroom. Oh Vistas 707 where you get scammed into paying full price rent when you have people paying a fraction of what you pay for the exact same apartment. This lovely place offers a "full maintenance crew" HOWEVER if anything goes wrong with the apartment expect at least 2 weeks to get it fixed. Vista 707 where management really cares about your needs and their employees would make it easier for you to get evicted that get stuff fixed to your satisfaction. At vista 707 they really care about safety and not only your car will get broken into but also you will hear FIGHTS, GUNSHOTS, FIRE ALARMS, PEOPLE SCREAMNG, LOUD MUSIC. Follow my advice, DO NOT MOVE HERE.
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Vista at 707 Apartments

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