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Caralea Valley Apartments

2901 Leah Court NW

Concord, NC 28027

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Office Staff
millicentbullstrode • Resident 1997 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/19/2007
One section of apartments (one particular building) had a continual ant problem that started as soon as I signed the lease. I did not notice it when I viewed the apartment but once I had signed and was moving in, I saw ants. I reported it right away my first week but the problem was there my entire 2-plus year stay. Multiple complaints in writing and by phone call to the management, and my neighbors mentioned the problem to me too, my upstairs neighbor!<br><br>The walls are paper thin so if you get stuck with inconsiderate or loud neighbors, such as someone who works 2nd shift and stays up all night, and you work first ship and need sleep- BEWARE. I was lucky that my upstairs neighbor was quiet, but the adjoining apartments were LOUD. It was horrid. You can hear your neighbor's phone calls and toilet flushing, as well as talking and television. BAD, bad bad.<br><br>Once my air conditioner broke in the middle of summer and it took 2 days to get fixed, I had to leave because the apartment got up over 100 and my creams were melting. After it was fixed, my air conditioner never seemed to cool right.<br><br>The previous owner named Ron, who I don't think is there anymore, was hateful and rude and unprofessional. The office staff was nice to get me to rent, then they just turned apathetic and ditzy. Yes the pool is hardly even worth it. I had a lot of neighbors who complained about noice problems in the 2 bedrooms as well.<br><br>Other than all this stuff WRONG, these apartments could have been ok...there is nice landscaping and at the time I never felt unsafe. But I cannot live with being able to hear my neighbors phone conversations, sneezing, toilet flushes, televisions- I need a QUIET place, at least fair enough in the middle of the night.<br><br>I just want to mention that when I moved out, someone who still lived there told me that their next door neighbor moved out, and a whole BUNCH of people started living in that one 2-bedroom apartment, way more than should have been. They were immigrant workers and they were sleeping on mattresses on the floor, you could see the mattresses when they opened their front door, on the living room floor, and this was right across from the office. They were probably the quietest neighbors there, but that doesn't seem to be ok to let so many people live like that even if they pay the rent on time, we always thought they had a couple of people on the lease and the rest of them just piled in there living. I don't know if it's still that way now but it is a fact this was going on at one time in at least one apartment.
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Caralea Valley Apartments

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