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Summerlin at Concord



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MrsP. • Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2007
Want your money's worth and SAFE SAFE SAFE!<br>Come here. Get one of the bottom 2 bedroom units, there as big as a house, and because part of the apartment is actually underground (HUGE WALK IN CLOSET, DRESSING AREA, BATHROOM) your utilities are zilch.<br>I have almost 1100 square feet and my electric bill runs around 50.00 a month tops.<br>Everything has been upgraded, and I mean everything! Appliances, landscaping, parking lots, sinks, faucets, door knobs and carpets. Staff is absolutely to be commended, professional on the ball people, you couldn't ask for better.<br><br>Negatives: Built cheaply and you can hear your neighbors conversations, tv's, coughing, and any walking. Most people here however are quiet hard working folks, though lately mgmt has rented to just a little too many college kids. <br><br>I was planning on retiring here, until I got the neighbor from hell above me. I don't understand why apartment complexes rent to obese people and put them on the top floors, or people with 2-3 kids on the top floors.<br><br>They really need to address the flimsiness between upper and lower level apartments, or advise new renters to start having courtesy.<br><br>However, if you have a complaint, they'll usually act on it.
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Summerlin at Concord

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