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Riverwalk Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
My family and I have been here for some time now - more than 6 months. So far, we've seen the Sheriffs Dept. show up knocking on our neighbors door about 4 times for domestic troubles. We've been awaken at 12:30 a.m. from a drunken boyfriend who was screaming at the top of his lungs...as was the girlfriend. The floors squeak terribly inside the apartment. Cheaply made with added bonus of lint vent over your entry door, so forget having an entry mat. TONS, did I say TONS of dogs. My neighbor doesn't take hers out in time, so it pees all the way down the stairs. Nobody uses designated areas to walk their dogs. Nobody picks up after their dogs. (I'm not talking small dogs either) Office sticks a flyer on the doors stating the rules, but they are not enforced. Floors and walls of the apartment are very thin. I can hear whenever our neighbors (top, side, or bottom) goes to the bathroom! Common areas in stairwells are not maintained. There has been a tree that has been half knocked over, that I'm sure will kill somebody one of these days that has been laying there for a few months now.<br>Forms and paperwork from the office are not professional. For Pete's sake, you'd think somebody in that office would know how to use a computer! Office Admin is unfriendly and forget getting help with anything. If you have a package, then they're no help - you have to find it yourself and they act like you are the biggest waste of space in the world. Being the only game in town - they have an advantage. If ANYBODY else came in and opened a complex - all of Riverwalks business would be gone, I'm sure. Oh yea, and the cable service S*CKS! Complain to management and you'll just get the run-around. Don't let Gary fool you - he'll run like a son-of-a-gun if he sees you coming.
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Riverwalk Apartments

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