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Alden Place at South Square

100 Alexan Drive

Durham, NC 27707



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Alexantenant06 • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/07/2007
All of the earlier posts regarding the thin walls, power outages, plumbing problems, construction disturbances, and car break-ins are on point and need not be repeated. I would not choose again to live at Alexan Place, but not only for those reasons. I believe the biggest problem with Alexan Place is its management. <br><br>Several posters have been here for only a few months. Read the posts of those who have been here for longer - long enough for something to go wrong. Sure, management is great when you're signing your lease or happily paying rent each month. But you really only need management when something goes wrong - and something inevitably will. That's when their true colors show. <br><br>One poster below described an encounter with a "saucy" manager. There are actually a few. If you have a problem and you take it to Alexan Place management, you'll be met with confrontation, not consolation. I've had a few apartment disasters while living here. No big deal, happens everywhere. What doesn't happen everywhere is getting attacked by management when you expect some courtesy or assistance. It's so jarring and unprofessional you'll find yourself more upset about the way you were just mistreated than about the original problem (perhaps that's their strategy?).<br><br>Unless you think you can make it through your lease without ever needing assistance from your rental property, skip this place. It's not worth the drama. <br><br>Finally, I'd be wary of the posts that do nothing but shower praise on management without offering any particulars. Q: who writes in to this site to say how great, for no specific reason, the management of their rental property is? A: management.<br>
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Alden Place at South Square

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