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Bridges at Southpoint Apartments

7304 Calibre Park Drive

Durham, NC 27707



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Office Staff
glibbest • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/16/2007
The office staff will scoff and roll their eyes at you if you complain that the pool was closed over a 3 day weekend. (she'll know who I am if she reads this, I told her not to scoff at me and she turned around and walked off in the middle of my complaint.) The tennis court was closed for that entire 3 day weekend too. <br><br>They will lose your rent check and not tell you for 2 weeks until you owe late fees and lawyer fees and tell you it's not their fault you didn't get the notices. Calling to complain to BNP will get you a Regional Manager's number where no one calls you back. Complaining to the new maintenance guy about all sorts of issues got me a gift basket from the office people full of expired - soured - snack items (very old expired potato chips are literally sour.)<br><br>A neighbor girl had her door kicked in (the third in my building alone since I've been there) and the office person told her the damage looked like she had yanked the door open from the inside (this is when the door frame gave way due to the kick from outside.) She was also told NO ONE had ever had that happen before so it must be someone she knew if it really was done by someone from outside the door.<br><br>The guy downstairs moved to his current unit after his previous ground floor apartmemt flooded for the 3rd time in 1 month (and now he blasts his music until well after midnight on weeknights and refuses to lower it when asked to.)<br><br>The only good thing is that the maintenance men are new and caught up on all the outstanding service requests.<br>
Bridges at Southpoint Apartments Manager09/25/2016

Pegasus Residential values the opinions of our residents and customers and believes in responding to all reviews and comments by our residents as a way to ensure any issues are taken care of immediately. As many reviews on this site were posted prior to Pegasus Residential managing this property, we would like the opportunity to assist those residents and customers with any issues or concerns that may be unresolved. Please feel free to contact the leasing office at your convenience. We look forward, as the new management company, to meeting you and to the opportunity to serve you.

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Bridges at Southpoint Apartments

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