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Dupont Circle



Resident · 2006 - 2011
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Office Staff
I lived in Dupont Circle for several years and I felt I needed to warn future tenants after I left. When I initially moved in all the plumbing was clogged up and it took several days before I could reliably use my bathroom and kitchen sink. This was a minor problem compared to the awful noise problems associated with the thin and old walls. As an example, my neighbor would joke that he could hear his upstair neighbor even pass gas. Ticon sends out frequent noise level warnings because of the recurrent problem due to aging and poorly insulated walls. The buildings were built in the 1960's as a motel for the nearby Duke and as a result there is a lot of wear and tear. They keep doing things to the outside of the building, but really a new sign and paint is not going to replace its poor infrastructure. The most concerning thing with the property is the likely possibility of a break in. During my stay, my apartment was broken into and many valuables were stolen. The next day my neighbors apartment was broken into and his nice flat screen TV, stereo and computer were stolen. The following day we received a notice from Ticon that multiple apartments had been broken into and we should be on the alert (too late!). Fortunately, the required renter's insurance helped me with the valuables, but you can't sleep at night knowing that someone can easily get into your place. I realized that the doors could easily be jammed opened with a simple jack. The sad thing is that Ticon didn't even bother to replace the door even though you could tell someone had destroyed the lock and inner lining. Overall, I really regret ever living there and I absolutely do not recommend it to anyone. The apartments are just too old and unsafe.
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Dupont Circle

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