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Dupont Circle



Resident · 2006
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Office Staff
Ticon properties owns Dupont Circle along with a string of other properties in Durham. There are at least two offices I know of. The Ticon office near Woodcroft were excellent in terms of job performance; the office near Garrett road is highly incompetent no matter how nice and friendly they are (which I will give them points for that, they won't ever be rude to you). I'd rather not go into detail but I was screwed over and lied to several times by them. But then again, they were so dim-witted they probably thought they were telling the truth. I forgive them. Kinda.<br><br>Anyway, managment aside...these are decent apartments for the price. The bedrooms are especially spacious (but make sure you measure any apartments located on the end of the buildings yourself before you sign a lease and lose a good 70 square feet off your apartment. Those are usually a little cheaper though.) The neighbors are diverse, and though everyone is very nice to eachother, we pretty much stay to ourselves. These apartments are ideal for almost anyone, really...students, single professionals or cozy couples in any age bracket. They're right down the street from Duke and right off the I-85 highway. It's in a cul-de sac setting that is very quiet and safe. That's because most people have never heard of or seen this place! The only drawback would probably be the wooded areas at night. It's not neccessarily dangerous because there's a fence back there...but considering there's deer walking around back there can sometimes creep you out at night when you're outside, maybe getting into/ out of your car or something. Despite the highway being right on the other side of the fence of these apartments. I can't ever hear cars or anything going by. Perhaps it's the tress that block it out. Considering the fact that these are older apartments, they are in pretty decent shape.<br><br>All in all I recommend the apartments. BUT, you would just need to get over the obstacle of poor management first. My advice is to be persistent with them if you have any concerns. Otherwise you might slip their minds.<br>
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Dupont Circle

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