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Legacy at Meridian

1101 Exchange Place

Durham, NC 27713



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Office Staff
ocase • Resident 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
After reading the reviews of 1520 Magnolia, I was unsure if my apartment would be clean and if the staff would be responsive to apartment maintanance. But while I was there, I was very happy with the cleanliness, noise-level, and staff reponsiveness.<br><br>I requested a third-level of apartment so I can only comment on noise-level at that level. Also I am a light sleeper. I slept really well though rarely waking up in the middle of the night. There were a few nights when I heard people in the parking lot talking and hanging out for a bit after I was asleep but that was really rare. It would be nice if there was a number to call at night to let someone on the staff on-site know about any people who are noisy, hanging out in the parking lot. But I don't if this is necessary since this type of disturbance was really rare.<br><br>When I moved in, my apartment was very clean except I found some ants on the walls and a few dead trails of ants. I informed the apartment staff of the ant problem, and the apartment was sprayed in less than a week, the next time the ant sprayer is scheduled. I guess he comes by every week to spray apartments that have ant sightings.<br><br>The people in the leasing office always seemed friendly and nice.<br><br>I think the worst thing about this place is one of their treadmills. The treadmill (the new one) has some type of electric current that shocks me when I touch it while I work out. And it would be nice if they had another elliptical machine.<br><br>I *did* have an incident where one hubcap per evening was stolen from my car, and I was left with one hubcap on my car before it stopped. But I did not feel in any way unsafe in the parking lot or apartment complex at any time. I didn't see hubcaps missing from any of the other cars in the parking lots. So I don't know if the hubcap incidents with my car were just unusual.<br><br>They made it easy to have someone do a walk-through with me before I vacated the apartment, and I received all of my deposit back.
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Legacy at Meridian

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