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Lodge at Southpoint



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Office Staff
maxwax • Resident 2005 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
I lived in the Lodge for 14 months and moved out only because of a split with my roommate. A large two bedroom at the lodge can be a bit pricey compared to a one bedroom elsewhere, but I loved it there and still haven't found a place I think I'll be as comfortable at..<br><br>Here's what I've come to appreciate about the Lodge after looking elsewhere:<br><br>1) The Location near Southpoint Mall provides an urban-like setting I don't see elsewhere.<br><br>2) The Location provides extremely quick and easy access to I-40 making commutes shorter and easier.<br><br>3) Ample parking. I never realized how good it was until I started driving through other complexes at 11PM to see how full they are. This is something important that I really overlooked while at the Lodge.<br><br>4) Generous parking lighting. Always felt safe at night.<br><br>5) Textured wall paint hides imperfections and looks good.<br><br>6) Berber carpet hides wear areas and makes the carpet look uniformly good and resist wear.<br><br>7) Large bathrooms. They're like good hotel size bathrooms. I miss them! Plenty of cabinet space, too!<br><br>8) Spacious apartments. Our two bedroom felt really big partly due to a nice layout and partly because it was just *a lot of space*.<br><br>9) Open, stable (concrete) and well-light stairs between apartments.<br><br>10) Resort style pool. It's made to look and feel like a hotel which makes relaxing at it very enjoyable.<br><br>11) The Office staff was very helpful with me -- even on several occasions after I moved out.<br><br>12) Plenty of cabinet area in kitchens.<br><br>13) Tenants (that I noticed) are quiet, affluent professionals. My building was extremely quiet minus one set of students whose music was only a problem 2-3 times in 14 months.<br><br>14) Despite warnings of problems around christmas due to shoppers at the stores, we didn't experience much and the convenience to stores made up for increased traffic.<br><br>15) The apartments are fairly new -- 3-4 years old. You overlook this until you visist a few 20 year old apartments with really poor cabinets, appliances, etc.<br><br>The Lodge was my first apartment living ever so until I moved out I didn't have much to compare it to. Now that I'm looking at other complexes, I'm seeing the differences. Older appliances, patched walls, odd layouts and short ceilings, porches screened because of mosquitos from nearby swamps, etc. No problems like these at the Lodge.<br><br>The only things keeping me from moving back to the lodge is the price for a single person and the desire to try something new.
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Lodge at Southpoint

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