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West Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/14/2002
West Village not only has physical issues that would make me recommend for someone not to move here (i.e. extremely poor soundproofing, not enough close parking, and maintenance/contractors that don´t complete work properly) but it has MAJOR problems in its management staff. They are either unable or unwilling to enforce community standards and rules (trash disposal, noise levels, removal of pet waste etc.). The apartment manager herself is very uncooperative and apparently, can read the future, (ha ha) since she responded to a rental history verification by stating that we had broken our lease (it isn´t up yet and we have yet to leave). When my spouse mentioned a maintenance issue that was unresolved after several attempts by myself to get someone to fix it (including a conversation I personally had with her about said issue) she told him that WE were negligent for not telling her it had not been fixed, even though all she had to do was ask us if the issue was resolved. She also threatened to take us in front of the magistrate for this so-called negligence. I´m pretty sure that our only obligation to West Village is to keep the unit in reasonable shape and to pay rent. Both of which we do unquestionably. <br> <br>If this type of a nightmare doesn´t appeal to you.... stay away!!! <br> <br>P.S. I would normally not post something anonymously, but I am very hesistant to give my name as the manager has already demonstrated her vindictive side... I have to live here a little while longer and want to try to keep it as peaceful as possible!
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West Village Apartments

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