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Carlson Bay



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Thatguy24 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/24/2007
I wouldn't slap a loved one to get an apartment here (even though I do live here), it could be alot worse...I guess.<br><br>I didn't really like the "Senior Management" at first but now that the complex is under new ownership, it's coming around. I haven't really had a maintenance issue, so I can't speak on that, and besides my "Wonderfull" upstairs neighbor and his "wonderfull" car, the parking is decent (I say this cause no matter where I park, this one guy always door dings me). I'm a heavy sleeper so I can't really say anything about the noise, but actually, I more than likely contribute to the majority of the complaints...Sorry everyone!<br><br>Security is my only real issue with this place. Right after I moved in I was sleeping in on a Saturday morning to be awoke by one of my landlords who informs me that my out of state license plate was stolen off my car. The funny thing is a cop lives in the building across from me and frequently parks his squad car out in the parking lot, but that seemed to be the only real security this complex has. I constantly get street walkers and pan handlers coming to my door along with all those "wonderfull" magazine salesman. How bout a fence? Is that asking to much? Well, considering that my rent is $750 for such a minimal living complex, I think it would be. It might even increase the prices!<br><br>
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Carlson Bay

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