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Cross Creek Cove Apartments and Townhomes



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Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/04/2012
first I would like to say that i moved in DEC 2011 on a 6 months lease these people were rude and thought i was stupid they tried to get me in an apartment i didn t want so then they showed me there modal which was cute. but the apartment they showed me was in ok condition but i noticed their appliances was out dated rusted but i still moved in because i ran out of time to find a place paid $685 because i wanted a 6 month lease, but i was told i had to pay $875 for a deposit because my credit was ruined. So i didn t want to spend more money paying another ungodly amount on application fees. so i paid them it was ok until the next month i got charged a fee for 25 dollars because i didn t no where the proper trash compacter was and sat a table box on the out side of a dumpster that i had no idea it wasn t supposed to be there because they had other things like mattresses and other trash boxes out there. It seem like they wanted to drain me of all my little bit of money i earned almost like a punishment since i needed a place to stay. So i prayed about that left it alone. months later i was forced to get a bug spraying which was ok because i don t like bugs, but then a month later it was like the big roaches came out of no where. The paint is coming off the wall. I complained about neighbors being loud and the people did nothing...... just acted like they put a note on the door. But the neighbor even told me that the apartment people didn t do anything about the complaint they rubbed it in my face after i confronted them the neighbor. then parking is horrible people come from everywhere and park in your space that you have no name on due to the contract saying you don t have your own parking. To me this was a horrible living environment people all over the parking lot all types of the night so it s a constant worry if you re going to be robbed while you are home. These people seem to be racist and put all these people in the back on one strip so now it s really crowed. I should of listen to my sister and not move in this place. Bad choice!
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Cross Creek Cove Apartments and Townhomes

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