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Kings Pointe Apartments



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Kelsey33 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2007
I've lived in the complex for 6 months and I love it. My husband and I live in a 1bed 1bath with a study and it's all we hoped for! We leased the apartment over the phone site unseen and the staff was very helpfull. They gave us all the numbers to the utility companies and were happy to help us figure out what we needed to do before we moved in. We love the pools and the workout rooms are great! Parking is tight but we've never had too much trouble. The gate guards are amazing and the lighting is great. I love being able to walk out back and watch the geese, ducks, and the big white swan. We've had no trouble with the trash compactor. Once or twice it was full but it didn't stay that way for more than a day. We would like a little more cabinet space in the kitchen and some noise from nextdoor can be heard but only when it's really quite in our apartment(no tv on). There is some noise from the stairs outside our door when people stomp up and down them or when the carpet cleaning people are working on an apartment in the building, but most people are at work then anyway. There is a good amount of noise when people move in or out but hey, that's moving and it can't be helped. Plus it only last an hour or so but usually not even that long. When the guy below us watches an action movie with his surround sound or plays music with a lot of bass we hear it but he is kind enough to only do so occasionaly and with in reasonable hours. Everyone we've met hear has been wounderful and when our fireplace didn't work the maitenance guy came right out and fixed it. Our biggest problem is the rent. It's pretty high and I understand why people don't seem to stay very long. You think you can afford it for the first few months and then reality hits, but I really can't imagine living anywhere else.
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Kings Pointe Apartments

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