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Meadow Garden Apartments



Resident · 2001 - 2014
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Office Staff
These apartments are old and not maintained well by maintenance. There is mold in many units that the manager blames on tenants and refuses to take care of. The paint and carpeting is rarely redone when a new tenant moves in. The main concern about the apartment complex is the manager, Bridget Dillinger. She is not helpful and is very rude. She allows a neighborhood watch program that includes the few tenants she likes. She allows them to disrespect the privacy of other residents and even gossips about confidential information. She lies to the tenants by using legal jargon to attempt to confuse them. I confronted her about this and she walked away from the conversation. She allows the neighborhood watch program to make up rules and enforces them on the residents. Many times they are silly and meant to target and discriminate against certain residents (and may I mention very illegal). She has taken it so far as to install cameras throughout the neighborhood, targeting individuals and invading their privacy. Overall, the aforementioned neighborhood watch causes a lot of problems for all of the residents and even their visitors. You have no privacy from them. They watch your every move and peer through their blinds every time you walk outside. They harass you visitors as well. I have seen many instances of arguments being instigated with visitors and the manager regularly throws false accusations at residents and their visitors. If you are searching for a quality, quiet, private, professional, and respectful neighborhood to live in this definitely is not the place.
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Meadow Garden Apartments

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