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Ashbrook Village Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
I lived here for 14 months and it was probably the worst 14 months of my life. The noise problem was a huge issue. People around those apartments just do not know the meaning of quite! My biggest issue was with maintenance. I had a water heater problem in my apartment that ran up my power bills from normally $60 per month to $185 then to $220 and my last bill after I moved out was $329! The apartment never did anything to fix the problem and neither did the owners Southwood Realty. There was a certain maintenance member named Earl, that will give people a lot of bull just to get out of having to lift his finger. He is the biggest loser I have ever met personally. I guess that's why he works for a cheap apartment. But that's ok, I did however report the issue to Action 9 and they made them pay $300 of that money that they would not have paid. So if you ever do have a major proplem like that in your apartment, either call Action 9, or give the landlord 5 days notice to send their asses to court and demand that it get fixed. It will work! Either way I had the last laugh, I got money from them, and if you have a pet and don't want to pay the fee, just don't tell them you have a pet! I lived there the whole time with my cat and noone ever knew. Good Luck!
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Ashbrook Village Apartments

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