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Georgetown Woods Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/09/2011
We had previously lived at Orchard Trace, another apartment community operated by Southwood Realty. I thought because it was the same company, we would be moving into an apartment community with similar quality standards. At Orchard Trace, we were in a 2 bedroom/2 bath apt and paid $669/month. We just moved in to a 2 bedroom/1.5 bath townhouse and now pay $635/month. We decided to move, because I have two dogs and I thought that a townhouse layout would be easier on them, and we liked that Georgetowne Woods has easy-access to the Gastonia Greenway trail. However, it has been an absolute nightmare this last week. I guess, "You get what you pay for." Badly stained carpets upstairs, walls in need of paint (lots of the smaller walls with patches upon patches of plaster.) Holes and marks and dings and dents in the other walls. The shower curtain rod was held in place by a piece of cardboard and broke the first time it was used. The front door did not latch properly. The stove was not installed properly leaving about a 2-3inch gap between the counter and the back of the stove. There's water damage on the ceilings that has been covered up with popcorn plaster (looks like either the shower or bathtub overflowed at some point.) The carpet is peeling up and fraying on the stairs. 90% of the electrical outlets were upside down, with a few of them not working, including the dryer outlet. The refrigerator is cracked on the inside. The dishwasher does not fit properly into the cabinets. The sinks are stained with rust spots and some sort of blue dye. The mirror in one bathroom is cracked up at the top. The vinyl linoleum flooring is not in great shape, with stains, peeling, and some tears. The garbage disposal works, but has a strong, rancid odor to it. The closet doors did not line up or close properly. There is definitely an insect problem here (roaches, spiders, ants.) Upon moving in, there was no AC for the first 2 days. I have been so frustrated, I could just cry. I had no idea this was what we were moving into! I will say that the maintenance guys have been great, and have fixed the AC, electrical outlets, dryer outlet, stove and front door in the last week, but I feel that this should have been done BEFORE they moved someone in. I'm still upset about the state of the carpets, walls, and ceilings, but I have been told that the carpets will NOT be replaced (however, before I signed the lease I was told that the Regional Manager would come inspect the carpet and give us a decision; that simply did not happen.) They have plastered up some of the major holes and dings in the wall, but have still not repainted. Also, the gutter above our door leaks when it rains puddles right in front of the door. I have made a promise to myself that unless some things seriously change around here, I will move when our lease is up. I understand that this is an older building, but I also know there is a difference between old and poorly maintained.
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Georgetown Woods Apartments

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