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Georgetown Woods Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/15/2007
This place was nasty and gross. You get what you pay for. When I moved in the patio door would not lock and there was a broom stick handle, in the place of a secure lock. The refrigerator was filthy and had a bad odor that I could not get rid of, but after numerous boxes of arm & hammer the smell became tolerable. There were numerous things that began to break after that, but all management would say is we will send someone to fix it! Don't hold your breath for anything around there to get fixed in a hurry. There is such a outrageous roach problem there, it is ridiculous. I had to leave lights on and buy my own roach repellent, it did no good at all the roaches were immune to all spray. I told management the sent someone to spray, but it did no good. There were large cockroaches crawling in the sinks, the floor, in the refrigerator, the bathroom, even in my bed. I got up to go to the bathroom there was a large roach crawling up my leg. I freaked out. This is not a kid friendly environment. There is a playground, but they do not want children playing on it. Management are so concerned about the colors a child wears, (ex) red, blue. They stop the child and ask if he or she is in a gang, and not to bring their friends over. The was regular police patrol for some reason. I was not concerned about children playing. My concern and there s should have been correcting problems within the apartments. The breezeways are so filthy there are used condoms and/or wrappers everywhere. Trash on the grounds. Loud music playing. The ceiling are always leaking and the floors are about to cave in. The foundation is uneven. I could go on and on. But when my lease was up, I had to spray down all my furniture and belongs because I did not want to carry there roaches to my next residence. Do not Live here. Those apartments are old and outdated. The rent is at a good price, but once you look inside or live there, the you will see why. As I said before YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.
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Georgetown Woods Apartments

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