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Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
Really nice place to live with excellent staff, car wash and vacuum area, and laundry facilities on site. An example of the great staff, I have been having a problem with birds nesting outside my door, which is also outside my bedroom window. I have had to go in to the office and ask they send maintenance out to take down the nest. I have had to do this a lot, like once a week for a few months, not because maintenance didn't come out, because they did every time, but because these birds were persistent. Finally, this last week I think we got the message through to the birds. I have used the car wash and vacuum area. It is pretty good. You get a hose and drain and a vacuum you would see at a regular car wash. I have also used the laundry facilities, which are coin operated, when my washing machine broke. Not bad fairly inexpensive, but I'm glad I have a set in my own apartment. Now for the bad... minimal sidewalks, no recycling, no bug spray schedule, and the sound proofing is almost nonexistent. There are really no sidewalks, there is a walkway straight from the parking lot to the building but that's it. No recycling program, really in the green age no recycling. I collect mine and recycle it myself. It would be nice to have a collection area on site, but it is doable without it. My last apartment had a bug spray schedule to keep bugs from becoming an issue inside as well as outside. Here unless you request it they don't do it. The sound is the absolutely worst, the rest of my issues are just for your information but the sound is a complaint. If someone talks too loud in the breezeway you hear it, if they shut their door to hard you hear it like a gunshot, if they slam their door... it shakes the building, if you have windows that face the parking lot and someone slams the door on their car you hear it, and if your neighbor starts their shower you can hear that too, not as bad but you can. I know this is an apartment and some noise pollution is to be expected, this is not my first apartment, but I really don't think they did anything to reduce the noise exchange here.
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