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Loray Mill



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/22/2015
Beautiful lofts if you are lucky to have one that has finshed floors, completed paint job on the walls, kitchen sinks not falling out, cracked bathtubs, cracked floors, writing and 2x4's not showing through the paint, windows that close tight, windows that don't leak...etc., etc., etc. The real "gem" of this place is the managment and development team. If you are okay with unanswered/ignored emails, little to no communication, promises, promises, promises...then this is the place for you!! Also, if you like to feel bullied, intimated, and afraid to speak out about anything, please come join us in our lovely lofts here in communist China, ummm sorry, Loray Mills. And if you like paying for unfinished amenities ("although you aren't really paying for the amenities") every month, this too, can be your lovely abode!! The pool will be finished "no later than the end of March", "no later than the end of April", "no later than the end of May", "no later than the end of June"...see a pattern? (We are still waiting.) Fitness Center, you ask? Well, let's see, should be completed anywhere from August to mid-November, depending with whom you are talking. Security? Of course you will be living in a "secured building". Never mind that "neighborhood meth head" that climb through an open window last night and then proceeded to break into the leasing office. It "secured"! I hope this has helped you with your decision about possibly moving to Loray Mills. The doors (and windows) are open!
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Loray Mill

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