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Loray Mill



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/07/2019
The building is beautiful and the amenities look nice (too cold to use the pool so far but I'm looking forward to it). BUT.. it's so freaking loud! That factory behind the building has trucks going in and out at all hours of the night and all I hear is the "beep beep beep" when they're back up or the banging and clanging when they're doing whatever it is they do over there. The garbage truck also comes really really early and bangs around as loud as humanly possible too. There's a train that comes by late at night and I can hear that too.. It's really unbelievable. I don't hear my neighbors above, below, or next to me but I can hear everything that happens outside. There are also a few things that really bug me about this place in addition to the noise (1) The closet looks huge but looks can be deceiving..it has so much useless space! The door opens in so to get to your clothes you have to squeeze past the door and then close yourself inside. Makes so much sense... Also, the racks are misplaced so you can't use half of them because the clothes on another rack are in the way. (2) the pantry cabinet in the kitchen has no shelves! I mean, what good is a pantry when you can't store anything in there?? It has so much space that can't be used. And can't take a shelf from another cabinet- they're not removable. (3) the finish on the bathtub is peeling off. It's like they painted it or something. For a place that touts luxury finishes, the bathtub really shouldn't have paint peeling off of it. It shouldn't have paint on it at all... I don't have the same issues with the parking and dog poo/pee that other reviewers seem to have. Yeah, it's a long trek to your apartment if you try to park after 4:30pm. You have to park in the parking lot and walk across the street, but I saw that when I leased the place so I was expecting it. Buy a wagon to haul your groceries and stuff upstairs. I have occasionally come across a mess in the hallway or the elevator from someone's dog that they didn't bother to clean up, but it's always cleaned up overnight or the next morning by the cleaning crew.
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Loray Mill

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