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Oaks at Edgemont



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Office Staff
Vindication • Resident 2005 - 2014 Recommended
Reviewed 03/01/2014
An Honest Review For the price, size and location The Oaks at Edgemont is value you just can t resist. Now it s no Hilton, it s not the Hamptons and it s not a gated golf community. Having said that, the rent is low for a 1200 square foot apartment with a washer and drier hookup and it is conveniently located just minutes away from....well just about everything. The rent includes; water, cable and trash pickup. We also have a pool and community laundry room. The apartments are well constructed and reasonably quiet (inside and out). We have several resident police officers on site and have a very active community watch program. We also have a number of community events, activities and gatherings. The office even has a movie library with no cost to residents. The true value really lies with the dedicated staff and the hard working neighbors who work and live in our complex. For the most part we really have some truly blessed people who are willing to jump in and help at the slightest noticed. Case in point: The recent snow storm we experienced really restored my faith in humanity. I watched as neighbors checked on one another, helped one another and even freely gave food and supplies to those who were in need. A good neighbor is truly worth their weight in gold. Don't get me wrong, I m not talking utopia here. We still have our shortcomings and pitfalls but then again that's just part of life. Overall you get what you pay for and you reap what you sow. A CLOSING THOUGHT: As the old adage goes and recent studies have proven; a satisfied tenant will tell 2-3 people about his experience with your facility. A dissatisfied and disgruntled tenant will share their lament with 8-10 people. Unfortunately with the advent of the web that 8-10 people will quickly reach an enormous amount of people worldwide with just a click of a mouse. There is also a certain level and false belief of anonymity while posting on the web. Armchair Commandos hiding behind their displays believe they have open reign to post derogatory and libelous remarks against others. I m here to say they don't. Libelous and derogatory remarks not only hurt the reputation and wellbeing of the business, it also hurts the reputation and wellbeing of the good people of Edgemont. DICLAIMER: I am in no way shape or form an employee or person with a financial interest in The Oaks at Edgemont. This web site has logged my IP address and my Attorneys name and number is available upon a legitimate request. Thank you.
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Oaks at Edgemont

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