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Oaks at Edgemont



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/21/2016
I have waited a while to post about this to see if this issue would ever be resolved....it has not so I thought I would give a very honest review on this place. At the end of June 2015 my fiancee and I went to sign the lease and get the keys to our place. Because we lived so far away we never were able to visit in person. Always remember that pictures online never do a place justice because when him and I both looked into this place it honestly looked like the best place around Gastonia. The pictures indicated that the place was well taken care of and maintained and that was a reason in our choice. So like I was saying we went down to get our keys,to sign the lease and to do a walk-through and move in. We took our keys and made our way over to the apartment.Well first of all we didn't want a 3 bedroom but we were forced into it but that note aside I was very excited because this was the first place that it was just my fiancee and I.We opened up the place and this is when i knew we may have problems. The inside of the door at the bottom was all beat up from a previous tenant having a dog or a cat. The half bath had a leaky sink which was creating mold and that was only two of the problems from that.There was a few more but when the leasing lady came over to see how we liked it,we did address the concerns and let her know ALL the problems we saw. She told us not to worry and that it would get fixed. Within the 5 total months we lived there it was the most frustrating place to call "home". There were always noisy neighbors very late into the night and we were told that our neighbors were never noisy this late. Very early in we discovered that we also had cockroaches which confused me seeing as how there was "quarterly pest control " and that issue never went away even when i would see a pest control guy in our apartment.We were supposed to only have 2 cars per apartment and that never happened either. We tried to get someone to come up and fix our kitchen sink,bathroom sink and half bath toilet because all of that had issues. We only ever got one fixed and that was because my fiancee walked up to the maintenance and told them as apparently they were not told at all. At one point we had to get maintenance up to our home because their was no heat,only cold air.Thankfully we went straight to them because we knew that it would only be resolved that way. I never felt safe there. The last thing I will talk about that was a issue was they were remodeling the apartment next to ours and they had guys there at ungodly hours banging on the walls the entire day. I worked from home so you can see the problem there. Also all the bugs that were in that apartment came to join us.There were many more problems but ill leave it at that. SO we decided to write a letter to them about moving out. Please note there were many many people doing the same thing because they had enough. So we packed up everything and gave them the letter and the keys. About around January I get a call and it is the leasing lady. She wanted me to give her a call about reimbursing the deposit to us. So i give her a call and she tells me to provide our address and she will send a check. Well i thought that would be the end of it. A month goes by and we get nothing so i call again and she told me she would look into it and get back with me. It is now 3 almost 4 months later after the first call and we have gotten nothing. Thank you for teaching me to trust fewer people.
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Oaks at Edgemont

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