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Oaks at Edgemont



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Office Staff
Lakarii • Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2016
It's been a few months that I made the worst mistake ever! I have lived in other apartment's in Gastonia and I have never been so unhappy. When I moved in the apartment was in bad shape but the office staff promised to have it fixed after I moved in but the never did. This place is a 1 on a scale from 1 to 10 and I'm not exaggerating. The problems include: RATS coming from the pipes outside my patio I seen about 10 of them since I moved in they are about 10 inches long. I know they are rats because they are huge. My children have seen them many times also and I have told management and they have done nothing to exterminate. There is mold inside the apartments, the paint is chipping off the walls,the doors won't shut at all so we go to the bathroom and the doors won't shut seems like the doors is too big for the frame. The dishwasher is not properly installed it tips foward. The fridge and oven are soooo OLD and yellow. And there leaks ! Soooo many from everywhere. My apartment flooded and it stayed like that for 2 weeks! They kept on saying someone was going to take care of it but they took 2 weeks. The floor is not real wood it's vynil and it's lifting after the flood inside my apartment but the worse thing so far is the A/C it doesn't WORK!!!!!! it's 81 degrees in here and it's been this way since Friday and they still haven't fixed it. And it not the first time this happens that they leave me waiting for my a/c to be fixed. I have posted some pictures so you can see and I also have these pictures and videos of the times I have complained to them of all these issues so I can take to my lawyer because I plan on taking these people to court. I am so unhappy. My quality of life has diminished since I moved in I can't belive I'm sitting here in 81 degrees with my baby in my arms crying and her head wet from sweating. PLEASE LOOK AT MY PICTURES! And to management I know you will see this and know who I am but I don't care because you know how many problems I have had and I have always been nice to you but I feel like you guys always ignore me but please take care of all these problems or move me to another apartment or let's BREAK THIS LEASE. Oh and I have also posted a picture of the holes where the rats are coming out from.
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Oaks at Edgemont

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