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Oaks at Edgemont



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/15/2016
SInce the new management took over the property, they have been more concerned with what it looks like on the outside vs. what it looks like on the inside. They used to have pest control on a routine basis, and inspection for that matter where they would come in and spray, check for leaks, and atleast change your air filters. I used to feel sorry for the people who worked there because you can tell they were just as frustrated as we are! I will say that appreciate the old property managers, they were honest, and upfront, and never rude! They can only provide for us what the owner will allow. I was told he was looking into buying new properties too. I think he needs to finish this property before he goes onto others. He should take care of his residents. Instead he is going up on rent, and he keeps changing his staff, so nothing ever gets done. This new girl in the office now, is definately rude! I went in there to put in a maintenance request because no one was answering the phone, and when i asked to speak to her, she came out of her office and looked at me like I could go you know where. This property is going down hill very quickly.
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Oaks at Edgemont

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