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Oaks at Edgemont



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jdavidson81 • Resident 2013 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/06/2017
Any of the 5 star reviews are clearly posted by management bc if you ask any tenant of this place they would have a whole different story. This neighborhood is awful. always drug deals, police having to be called, destruction of property outside, noisy, gunshots, don't move here if you want your family to be safe!! If you are thinking of moving here, please reconsider, even if this is your last option, bc unless you get lucky and have great neighbors like I did, you will hate living here. Maintenance wont fix anything promptly and when they do get to it you can bet it wont be right. Your power bill will be outrageous bc the heat/ac units barely work and all the heat/air you do get will go right out the crappy windows and doors before you can enjoy it. My ac went out last summer and it took them two weeks to fix it bc they couldnt find the parts for it anymore because its so old. I have to leave the closet which it sits in open so it wont freeze up just to get it down to 72. I alos have to keep my bathroom vents closed off to redirect the air into the bedrooms and living room better or else we would have a heat stroke. My bathroom has leaked for three years and no one listens when I tell them what the last person did and why it doesnt work, anmd they repeat the same mistake just for the leak to come back again and again to the point of which my neighbor under us has had a hole in her ceiling of her bathroom for the same three years bc it continuously leaks into her bathroom as well. You r power bill will be outrageous. The office staff is rude and couldnt care less about any repairs you need done no matter how urgent. Water pools around the buildings for days after the rain. I dont know how code enforcement hasnt shut this place down because I know they get called into these apartments multiple times a year just to get a repair made. There are rats outside. RATS everywhere. Better hope you live upstairs.Keep an extra lock on the inside of your door too because maintenance will let themselves in with very little notice if any. I have woken up to a strange person in my house before!!!!! I have also had strange kids just try and walk into my house. The cabinet doors have been falling off in the kitchen and they were coming back to fix them a year ago.. They are still in the floor as I write this. The only thing about this place that I liked were my neighbors, I will miss the community feel that it had when I was here and I will miss watching everyones kids growing up like I have the last three years. Otherwise renter beware!!!! Stay away!! Worst place Ive ever lived in Gaston COunty and I've been here 35 years.
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Oaks at Edgemont

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