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Oak Brook Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2007
Where do I start? The complex is showing its age (mid 70s construction), and maintenance seems to be minimum necessary at lowest cost possible. They spray for bugs once a month, and have to. We asked for no bug spray for two months and ended up with cockroaches (and we're fastidiously clean people.) <br><br>They charge for pool access and the tennis court is falling apart. The complex is surrounded by a creek which floods evey time it rains, and the entire place turns into a gigantic mudhole every time it rains. The manager is sweet until she finds out you don't plan to renew, then she turns hateful and remains so. <br><br>They also put tricks in the lease (rent abatements, etc. ) so if you choose to rent here, READ YOUR LEASE CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING. Pets are $200 PER PET non refundable. Our rent was $645 per month, but hidden in the lease was a clause which said we were getting a discount from the actual $795 per month rent. Move out early for any reason and you not only lose your deposit (which is expected), but they also charge you the difference for every month you lived there as well as inventing charges (in our case an inspection fee, rehab fee, etc.)<br><br> In our case, they hit us for a total of $1900 just to get out of the lease, and then tried to charge us $175 beyond that after we'd moved out for painting the apartment (no holes in walls, just normal painting.) All apartments in NC are required by law to be painted betwen tenants, so this was just petty greed on their part. We eventually had to sue these people to keep the illegal painting charge from ruining our credit. (We won, which should tell you something ...) This place is awful.
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Oak Brook Apartments

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