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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/23/2012
They layout of these apartments is very nice. The model sold me on the place! The model is FAR from acurate! Most of the doors in the apartments are falling apart. They do not use the correct locks for the front door so if you do not lock the dead bolt, there is a major draft. Neither the sliding screen door or glass door opened properly the screen door didn't shut right. There was a huge gap in the door so you could not leave the glass door open and enjoy the NC weather because the bugs would get in. And lets talk about the bugs! I killed at least one spider a day (except during winter), sometimes more! And I'm not talking little ones...the big hairy spiders! And I found at least 4 or more pincher bugs...A WEEK! I will say though, there were never any cockroaches. Some of the neighbors are very friendly, and then some of them didn't know you, but didn't like you. If you aren't from here, you will never feel welcome. It sounded like elephants were living above me. One of them had parties a couple of times a month and would yell and make it very uncomfortable to go outside. One of the ladies in the office was very nice, and it seemed genuine. The other tried to be nice to your face, but it didn't seem genuine at all. She wouldn't even tell me where the rent drop was located! So I had to chase her down once a month to make sure they got their rent! After my experience here I will never rent anything owned by Brantly Properties again!
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Terrace at Olde Battleground

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