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The Madison at Adams Farm Apartments



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lile8 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/31/2005
I have only been here for one month..and this is what I've had to deal with already at The Madison at Adams Farm. <br><br>1). The management is phony, rude, and inconsiderate by all means possible. They don't care about your feelings. They knew the day we were moving in a month in advance. The day we got there, the carpets weren't cleaned and they did it in 30 minutes...a crappy job at that, then we had to wait for them to dry before moving our things in...we moved from 3 hours away..with a U-Haul...very inconvenient. My boyfriend and I drove seperately and I had the deposit and rent check with me...I was behind him and my dad by 2 hours and when they got there, the staff wouldn't let him or my dad put the things in because he didn't have the check with him...they are untrustworthy and so damn rude...I really think that they need to take a class in management and personal relations (it probably wouldn't help them). <br><br>2). My boyfriend and I have prominent and well respected professions, we are treated like garbage at this place by the staff. <br><br>3). If you move here and you ever have a maintenance problem, forget it...you will NEVER get it fixed. Trust me..y<br>4). There is an witchy Regional Manager that works in ou are better off hiring someone to fix it yourself. <br>the office. She is condescending and rude.<br>7) You will be counting the days 'til your lease is up...DON'T move here...its not worth the huge amount of rent and crap you have to go through just to live someplace that "looks" pretty from the outside. <br><br>8). "Security" here is non-existent. <br><br>Please don't think about The Madison to live, it's very unprofessional and not worth it...the apartments look nice when you view them...but it's terrible to live here. <br>
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The Madison at Adams Farm Apartments

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