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First Street Place



Former Resident · 2016 - 2018
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Office Staff
Lived here for two years and it was one issue after another. The first year I lived here they had a major electrical issue with the fire alarms. The alarms would go off at 3am, midday, etc. For anyone who has animals (or just doesn't like being woken up to the sound of a fire alarm before class) this is a huge no. Also the last week I lived there they had issues with the fire alarms again. Pretty sure my cats have PTSD. Next, the elevator breaks ALL THE TIME. The elevator was broken 4+ times in a 4 month time span. I stopped keeping count. This complex is DISGUSTING. They spray every two weeks (I believe?) for bugs, but then they leave dead roaches in the hallways for DAYS AT A TIME because they never clean the place. They also hire outside companies to come in and do work who obviously have no idea what they're doing. On two separate occasions (the first when they took out the carpet and replaced it with cheap laminate, and the second time when they cleaned out the dryers) the companies have messed something up which has caused my ceiling to leak. My fire sprinkler in my bathroom leaked water everywhere around 9pm because they did not put the toilet back correctly in the apartment above mine and then my ceiling in the kitchen started to leak midday because they did not install the washer and dryer in the apartment above mine back after cleaning the vents. Lastly... .my apartment had a random ladybug problem .if a previous resident resigned they do not make sure the common area is clean before you move in .you have to park your car pretty far and there's no cameras (city of Greenville's fault) .residents here allow their dogs to pee and poop everywhere so the upper floors especially smell terrible
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First Street Place

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