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Broadstone Village Apartments

3504 Broadstone Village Drive

High Point, NC 27260



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2007
I have lived here for a year. The apartments are average. I live on the third floor, and the water pressure is terrible. They are fairly energy efficient, although I never really needed to run the heat during the winter, it stayed about 75 the whole time. The surrounding neighborhoods are just awful. There is a low rent trailer park within spitting distance behind the complex. Do not believe the gated comminuty feature, the gate has worked 5 out of the 12 months I have lived here. Several smaller dumpsters would have been nice instead of one broken heaping mess every week. I promise you not, there is literally a ton of garbage just sitting piled up every week, especially during the holidays.<br><br>Parking here is alright, it depends what end of the complex you live on.<br><br>These apartments are particularly noisy. I can hear people laughing across the hall while watching tv.<br><br>The grounds are fairly well kept. Landscapers are out here all the time making sure the grass doesnt get any worse than it is.<br><br>There is no safety around Broadstone Village. After living here for two months someone keyed my vehicle, and broke the mirrors off of my room mates car. I understand that kids will be kids, and it is an isolated incident. The management barely batted an eye when I told them about it, and told me sorry theres nothing they can do.<br><br>Living here, you almost feel like you want to take everything into your own hands. The management is just collecting your check and giving you a glorified carpeted cardboard box to live in. It fits well with the rest of the surrounding neighborhoods.<br><br>I do have to commend the maintenence though. They are always timely, nice and get the job done quickly. I remember one time a hose broke on my A/C unit. They conveniently fixed it without me even knowing it was broken, came and knocked on the door and told me about it. Turns out one of the vents in the Central unit had stuck. They seem to be really good at maintaining cheap equipment. I do have to hand it to them, another time the water heater started leaking in the middle of the night, and the maintenence man drove from his house 45 minutes away to come fix it for nothing more than a thank-you and a pepsi.<br><br>The office staff is a different story though. Usually hard to get in touch with, and always seem like they are ready to just leave, unless that is when you are coming to pay your rent. I think that is about the only time they smile. Average I suppose.<br><br>I am not recommending Broadstone Village. This complex should have been somewhere else. It is not in the worst place, but right on the edge of hell. If you do not mind always looking over your shoulder and worrying about getting kicked out because of someone elses mistake, then this should be about par for the course.
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Broadstone Village Apartments

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