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Copper Mill Village

2355 Copperstone Drive

High Point, NC 27265



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2007
When we were first shown these apts everyone in the office were so nice and friendly and promised that this was the most well taken care of place, very quiet, ultra safe being gated and with a courtesy officer,and that anytime there was a problem it would taken care of FAST. Well, that was all untrue. After signing the lease, all that changed. First of all, what good is a gate when anyone and their brother can just drive right in behind you after the gate opens and no security is there to check them out? The gate is only good for locking you inside WITH the scum. This place is full of nothing but college kids that have parties every night and have no respect for families at all. We have complained in excess of 10 times about the same "neighbors" and nothing has been done at all. We have been told by mgmnt that they are "in the process" of getting those people out of here, as they have had numerous complaints from other people as well about these same problem people. Whatever. These apts appear to be very serene and well kept on the outside. These are brand new apts and it such a shame to see that within the next couple of years they will be a place that nobody wants to live in. When you call the courtesy officer he will tell you to call the office when they open back up and complain. In the unit we live in there are several drugs being done around here...you can smell the crap when you are walking to your apt. You will hear loud music blaring from open windows as soon as you get out of your car in the parking lot (always really nice for your visitors to pull up to). This place is a high priced college dorm which may be well on it's way to being considered a "bad part of town". This is the LAST place you want to raise children!!!! I know of 4 different occasions where when I have come home and been on my way inside the apt with my child, there are people standing outside on the stairs or in the walkways, or even up on the playground "hanging out"and the language is so foul and vulgar that you would literally want to run you kid into the apt with hands over their ears! And it seems that if these folks SEE you and the child, they TRY to talk or yell LOUDER...they WANT you to hear them. Even when you are trying to leave your apt and having to come downstairs or thru hallways, these people are "hanging out" and wont even move so you can pass by, they just loiter around as if they REFUSE to get out the way. They will even try to pick a fight with you. Management has received numerous complaints from several tenants and they have promised it would stop....again WHATEVER. You will also not like this place if you dont like hearing dogs barking. There are a huge amount of people living here that have dogs that they leave home alone during the day or at night and the dogs love to bark or cry and you get to hear them. If it is not that,you be awakened by a huge flock of geese that live here, they love to get going around 6am...this is great on weekends that you think you are going to enjoy sleeping in. The grounds, while nicely landscaped are covered in goose droppings, so watch where you step!! You would think that the office could afford to call "GooseMasters" to control the geese from getting out of control here. The pet owners wont walk their dogs in the back grassy areas because they dont want to step in all the goose poop, so they walk their dogs in the front yards, where you can step in the dog poop instead! Nice!! The apts do not look like the model they show you. The model has a linen closet that does not exist in the unit you will rent and the walls are beautifully textured in the model. In the apt you will rent, it appears that someone sprayed wet chalk on your walls and none of the rooms are the same in the consistency of that "spray". Our dishwasher was not even bolted in, the carpeting and linoleum in the bathrooms and front door walkway is installed crooked, the ceilings are crooked and you can really tell this when you go to hang a picture. The office blames this on the "second group" of contractors they hired to build the newest buildings--it was a different company than the ones that did the model, so things are "a little different". Again..WHATEVER. The way we see it is, evidently management likes the problem people so much that they are willing to let them run off the decent folks that are here being considerate of others, keeping their place clean and free of litter outside, obeying laws, not using illegal drugs, and not bothering other people, not to mention parking in designated parking spaces. You may get to your car one morning to find that you cannot back out and go to work, because someone parked behind your car, blocking you in....even though there were other spaces vacant where they could have parked if they were not so lazy that they refused to walk a few extra feet away. The office has been flooded with compplaints like this and 3 weeks ago promised to fix this with signs that said violators would be towed.....NO SUCH SIGNS HAVE BEEN PLACED...the same thing is still going on. One of our neighbors could not go to work 2 Mondays ago because his garage that he rents for $100 more per month was blocked in by car parked in front of it. NICE!Oh, I almost forgot, they have ONE garbage dumpster for this huge apt complex, so you will pull up to it seeing a huge mountain of piled up trash sitting around on the sidewalk and parking lot area...just toss your stuff on top of that pile...they will get to it soon, we promise! Tell your visitors coming thru to just disregard that scene. Plus the school district is terrible....I will be moving and breaking my lease ASAP. Dont make the same mistake I did.
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Copper Mill Village

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