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Laurel Springs

1281 Old Plank Road

High Point, NC 27265



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/12/2006
<br>I don t know where to being, for the year that I lived here, there has been so many downs I think I have hit the bottom. It was one thing after another. When we moved in this was a nice place to stay, everyone around us was nice and talkative, the office was nice and POLITE, well things have changed and not for the better. The first thing that started was, once you move in, the only way to get into the pool and the gym is by using an access card, well we were told that when we moved in we would have 2 (Which you get 2 per apt). Well when we moved in we were then told that we could only get one because they didn t have enough and that they would order more and let us know when they came in. Well needless to say a month later and nothing. We just so happened to call and discovered that they don t have any at all. Well time went by and some tops by the office were a bit confusing, I observed about 2 or more times while I was there on different occasions, other people getting access cards (mean while we still don t have ours). Well it was like a sin to ask for some compensation for not being able to use the faculties. Well about 2 months later we finally get 1 card and we have to spend the $25 dollars just to get the second card that you were already supposed to get with the apartment. Well after that, we discovered that the same apartment we have, someone we know rented the same thing for more then $100 dollars less. WoW, anyways, the worst is yet to come. NOISE, over the past year we were served with just 1 (ONE) notice about noise. As I believe it is stated, if you have any complaints about you, then you are supposed to get a letter with details on what the complaint is about. Remember we only received 1. About 2 months later we were confronted by a security guard and some tenants from below us. We were told that he was filling a noise complaint because the gentleman below us could her to much noise. Please let me bring something to you attention. The policy here is no noise after 10 PM and no noise before 10 AM. Our so called noise complaint was at 9:28 PM. We stated to the security officer of the time and he said there is nothing he could do; he still has to file it because he was called out to this complaint. The security office also stated in front of the gentleman below and our selves this statement This is like your 10th complaint; you guys should have been evicted by now . Not very polite, take in mind we still by this point only received 1 letter. We were then directed by the officer to contact the office in the morning, upon doing so, no one could explain why he was so rude and what the complaint was about, and after leaving several contact numbers, we never got a call back explain why. Well months went by till the last occurrence. We were called 2 times with in the month for noise complaints about our TV and the Vacuum, and both of these occurrences were at or around 5 PM in the afternoon. Our lease is up at the end of March and no better time then to be told that we are being asked to leave the apartment. I have not been told why and I don t know why. Since the whole year here, we still have only received 1 letter about a noise complaint. I don t want to bore you with all this text but as you can see, there are a lot of problems here, I don t know if they are out to get certain people or not. Some people may know who this is, but I just want everyone to know what we went through this year, I hope this will help out on some of your decisions. <br><br>Sorry for any speeling problems, it is late and ver fustrated about this.....<br>
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Laurel Springs

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