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Ashford Lakes Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
ccna973 • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2005
As with most things in life, there are both positive features and negative features to living here.I'd like to begin on a positive note-- The property is about as serene as it gets. Nature lovers will LOVE this place. It's quiet and the people are friendly. The office staff and service technicians are always pleasant to us. Most important to me-- the apartments are VERY spacious. I have lived here only this summer and I have to agree with the majority that it is not the best kept place. We have had water problems since we moved here (including sewage backups) and the mgmt gives false promises time after time about when they will repair things. There are a lot of trees on the property which is great if there is proper lighting at night- but there have been no working lights in a lot of areas since we moved here. People from nearby neighborhoods flood the pool so it's often crowded-- whenever it is actually open. The fitness center is hot so the window is kept open at night which leads to kids hanging out in there and leaving trash in and around the window. The apts. are aging and need more support which keeps the 2 service techs overwhelmed and not able to get to ANYTHING in a timely manner.I think they really do mean well. It's just a lot of work. A database needs to be USED and scheduling needs to be adhered to. This place could benefit from a little professional methodology and another service tech who knows what he is doing. OH! We also have a problem with insects (waterbugs, spider crickets, centipedes, millipedes and spiders)It won't be easy keeping them away since there is a lake here with a growing ecosystem, but the pests really do need to be controlled to some degree.
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Ashford Lakes Apartment Homes

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