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Puller Place at Carolina Forest



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AmandaRae • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2007
I had a nightmare dealing with Puller Place. I tried to lease a place while I was living with family out of state while my husband was deployed and they completely took advantage of me. They have "Puller" in the title after Chesty Puller but they take advantage of Marines. I saw the beautiful pictures online and called and sent in my money and reserved my apartment. A few days later I realized I didnt have any paperwork about me actually getting an apartment. Everytime I called I had to explain my whole situation over again and give them my number over and over- and they never would return calls. After I asked for a piece of paper guaranteeing me the apartment I had paid for they said we can't do that we don't know if it will be built yet. I didn't know it wasnt done yet! They NEVER mentioned the fact they were under construction or that the pictures online were of a different complex. My apartment along with the pool and all the other ammenities advertised weren't done. After they told me my building was "behind schedule" I told them I wanted to cancel and find somewhere else to live with the 2 weeks notice I had before I moved to Jax. Thanks to them my husband came home from deployment to the Best Western motel because we had no where to live. They were EXTREMELY rude and it took over a month and many calls and visits to their office for me to get my security deposit back. I have never dealth with a more incompetent and rude staff. I'm so glad I never had to live there, I have known several people who lived there and broke their lease it was so bad. If you have any expectation of service or simple politeness, dont live at this place.
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Puller Place at Carolina Forest

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