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Puller Place at Carolina Forest



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Office Staff
HoosierGirlAndBoy • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 03/03/2007
I would highly recommend Puller Place @ Carolina Forest. <br><br>We have experienced some of the same "issues" as the others that have complained about, but I think these people are being a little unreasonable. <br><br>It WAS a bother to wait to get into our apartment, but that was in NO WAY the management's fault. The management has always been incredibly helpful and friendly any time we needed anything, or had a special request. They understood our frustrations and did the best they could with the resources they had.<br><br>Now that the apartments are completely finished, we don't have any problems (ex. Construction vehicles parked, paving issues, etc.) <br><br>There is PLENTY of parking here for tenants. The problem with parking falls into the hands of a few irresponsible tenants who disrespectfully direct their guests to use the parking in front of their building, instead of telling them to park further away. AGAIN, not a problem with management...it's a problem with your neighbors. Take it up with them. Everyone has a parking sticker. If they don't, call and have them towed. <br><br>I would say the noise level is very quiet. We did have some issues with our neighbors being loud. We complained to the office heavily, and now, the problem was taken care of. Since construction is gone, we don't have any problems with noise early in the mornings!<br><br>The grounds are taken care of, and have REALLY come along in the last year. There is a problem with pet waste in some areas, especially around the newest buildings in the back. Staff cleans up after these irresponsible pet owners, and has posted to clean up after your pets, with a fee if you get caught. Landscaping is great, and is truly exceptional considering the newness of the area.<br><br>I don't have a problem at all feeling unsafe here. I feel completely at ease, even when my husband is working late, TAD, or deployed.<br><br>They have added more maintanence men in recent months, and everything seems to be repaired and kept up in an efficient manner.<br><br>There have been several people in and out of the office staff over the year, but I can say that is for the best. The old faithful management team has been nothing but reliable and true to their residents. They host parties holiday after holiday, for all us, sometimes only having a small portion show up. They have stayed late in the office for me, when I was late getting home from work, answered the phone after hours, helped me when I had extra "guests", like my parents or grandparents staying in town with us for a month, and all in all went above and beyond anything that is expected of them. I will be really sad to leave when we move.<br><br>OVERALL, I would totally recommend Puller Place. I think this apartment community has been through the wringer with residents unsound complaints, and really deserves a little more credit than it has been given. <br><br>Again, since construction is gone, the only complaints that are somewhat reasonable stem from irresponsible residents, and not the management staff.
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Puller Place at Carolina Forest

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