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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
The office staff have been pleasant enough, and parking is OK. But my first complaint is that when I looked at the apartments, they don't have a one-bedroom to show, and I know why. They show you the bigger two-bedroom instead. I leased a one-bedroom anyway. It's 720 sq. ft., so small that when my sister saw it, she joked, "This is a nice closet. Now may I see the rest of the apartment?" So I sold a lot of my furniture to make it fit. <br><br>Now my HUGE complaint is the noise. There are some very young people who live above me who make more noise in one hour than I make in an entire year. It sounds like they are dropping bowling balls on the floor. They stay up until 3:30 a.m. most nights, stomping around, slamming whatever it is they're slamming. And they have these guests often who have two very small children (the spawns of -----) who tumble and stomp around incessantly. I have had four conversations with these inconsiderate jerks. They have taken several stances. They have blamed it on the building's poor insulation, they have said, "They're only kids. There's nothing we can do." And one time they said, "It isn't us." Unbelievable.<br><br>The people next to me were throwing bags full of trash, along with empty beer cans and even dirty socks, out into their back yard, and it would blow into mine. I complained, and mgt. did take care of it and sent me a really nice personalized e-mail. The people across from me, also very young, have parties well into the night on weekends, with their drunken guests shouting right outside my window.<br><br>Granted, these problems aren't necessarily mgt.'s fault, but it says something about the type of people this place attracts. And the fact that I hear every single step the jerks upstairs make, and I hear when they flush the toilet and drop the toilet seat, does say that these buildings aren't built well.<br><br>I can't WAIT until my lease is up so I can leave. I'm getting so depressed listening to this noise, day in and day out. I DO NOT recommend this place. It will drive you insane.
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Marquis on Cary Parkway

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