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Beachwood Park



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robertpage • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2007
Pros:<br>Management. They are very honest and nice. Rhonda is the one who is there to help me out when I begin to dread ever living here. (If you want a fake smile and a car dealer lying attitude, speak with someone else other than her.)<br><br>Maintenance seems quick. Friendly.<br><br>Parking (see below)<br>Not as noisy as before (see below)<br><br>Ok, the rent has been raised incredibly high, so everyone is moving out. Lots of parking and it is alot less noisy. Before, a very different story though ...<br><br><br>Cons:<br> Gym is a joke. Imagine a smelly closet with a treadmill, stair climber and a nonfunctioning circuit trainer. You need a code to get in, then a key. Cant use bathroom, cause they are locked. Im told by a tenant it is because people peed all over the place and broke the stall doors and leave the water running. Do I think he is right? Absolutey.<br><br> Have Kids? Too bad. Area is NOT safe and there is no place for them at all. I would feel bad for pets, even!<br><br> DIMLY lit street lights. Parking is finally good because everyone is moving out of this place. They increased the rent substantially!<br> Safety? Well, certain people stay outside all night, blasting music from their cars and some kids even yell things at you while you drive pass. They will play basketball/football right in the road and refuse to move. Must be Section 8 kids.<br>There IS drugs here. My new car was sideswiped after 3 months!<br><br> Apartment construction is the worst I have ever seen. I built homes so I know much about this aspect. When you walk in, give the wall a tap and listen as it echoes down the hall! Drafty on cold nights.<br><br> SMELLY. You know how raleigh is hot in the summer time for MANY months? Guess what that heat and lack of rain does to the river (aka "swamp") next to the community? Dries it up. The disgusting smell lingers until the dead of winter!<br><br> NEED LAMPS. Want to see at night inside your apartment? Drive to walmart and blow 100 bucks on lamps. You will need them!<br><br> Pool. Incredibly small. Packed with all those loud kids you know you dont want to deal with. Ive seen the management try very hard to keep it clean and orderly, especially when the neighbors let their pitbulls swim in the pool! Disgusting! If the pool is closed or being drained, that is a sure sign that something disgusting has happened in the water.<br><br>SUMMARY: All I will say is this is a true honest review. Read and decide for yourself.<br>
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Beachwood Park

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